Our company was founded in 1978 by our General Manager Cengiz KAYA. Aluminum and Zamak Metal Injection molding business. We are producing molds related to the position in our mold in our world. There are 4 hot chambers from 25 tones to 50 tons and 13 cold chamber metal injection machines from 125 tones to 1000 tons in our machine park. Aluminum and zamak pieces are poured in these machines from 5 gr./ad. to 7000 gr./ad.
Our company serves as domestic and foreign supplier sub-industry.
Our company which has ISO 9001-2008 certificate keeps the control of the casting processes with the spectrometer analyzer and hardness measuring devices in the quality control laboratory.
The parts we produce; White Goods, Automotive, Office Office Furnitures, Lighting, Electric Electronic and Heating sectors are used.
Our production goal is to produce the best, cheapest, and deliver it at the desired location and time.